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Poster Titles

This is just a sample of the posters that will be on display at PEGS Korea 2016.

Academia Sinica

  • High Throughput Cytotoxicity Screening of Anti-HER2 Immunotoxins Conjugated with Antibody Fragments from Phage-Displayed Synthetic Antibody Libraries

Ajou University

  • Dual Targeting of NRP1 and EGFR Overcomes Resistance to Cetuximab in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma with Intergrin Beta-1 Driven Src-Akt Bypass Signaling
  • Generation of Immunoglobulin Fc Heterodimers Through Yeast Surface-Displayed Combinatorial Fc Library Screening
  • pH-Dependent Conformational Change of CDR of Cytosol-Penetrating Antibody Mediate the Endosomal Escape

Celemics, Inc.

  • High-Throughput, High-Fidelity Sequencing of Full Variable Region of Antibody Libraries


  • Characterization of Human Synthetic Fab Libraries Through a Phage Display Panning Against Several Target Antigens

Kookmin University

  • Human Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and Na├»ve Immune Libraries for Efficient Isolation of Antigen Specific Antibodies Isolation of Antigen Specific Antibodies
  • Directed Evolution of Antibody Fc for a Desired Function

Korea Analytical Instruments, Co. Ltd. (KAISCO)

  • A Flexible Workflow for Automated Bioluminescent Kinase Selectivity Profiling

MaxCyte, Inc.

  • Streamlining Production of Biologics, Vaccines and Cell-Based Medicines Using a Single Fully Scalable Transfection Platform

Nanyang Technological University

  • Generation of Therapeutic Multispecific Antibodies Using a Modular Domain Antibody Approach

Seoul National University

  • Retrieval of Less Enriched Positive Clones by Population Shift Analysis of Antibody Library with Next-Generation Sequencing

South Asian University

  • Engineering scFv Based Antibody Against Conserved Regions of Dengue Envelope Protein for a Broad Spectrum Antibody

Terumo Corporation

  • Polymer-Based Prefillable Syringes Designed to Minimize the Aggregation Risk of Sensitive Biodrugs

CureMeta LLC

  • 3D Sphere Assay for Testing Potency of ADC Targeting Pluripotent Cancer Stem Cells

Fudan University

  • Cancer Immunotherapy Based on Engineered Novel Antibodies to Treat Cancers and Build Better Therapeutics

Genedata AG

  • Deconvolution of Intact Mass Spectra as a Tool to Measure Payloads of Cytotoxic Drugs Linked to Monoclonal Antibodies

ImmunXperts SA

  • Bridging the Gap Between Animal Models and Clinical Trials: The Use of In Vitro Assays to Accelerate Cancer Immunotherapy Development

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • ADAPTs, Small, Bispecific Affinity Proteins with Tunable Pharmacokinetic Properties Developed for Clinical Applications
  • Stratification of Responding Patients Towards Eculizumab Treatment Using a Combined Epitope Mapping and Genotyping Strategy
  • Site Specific Photo Labeling of the IgG Fab Fragment Using a Small Protein G Derived Domain
  • In Vivo Evaluation of a Novel Format of a Bivalent HER3-Targeting and Albumin-Binding Therapeutic Affibody Construct

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